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Four Corners

Four Corners Relief is a Boulder, CO-based charity focused on providing advanced medical aid, immigration assistance, and educational support to victims of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Four Corners is the brainchild of physician Marica Pook-Follett and her law student daughter, Tatiana, who were spurred into action following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, in part because of Marica’s father, Laszlo, who was himself a refugee from Russian violence. 


Four Corners’ main focus areas are: 


1. Shipment of advanced medical supplies, including prescription medications and antibiotics for distribution in clinics and hospitals throughout Ukraine. These medications are difficult to obtain in war-torn Ukraine. As of November 30, 2023, Four Corners sent its sixth shipment of critical supplies to Ukraine. Medications sent include: antibiotics, heart medications, diabetes medications, inhalers, high blood pressure medications, anti-ulcer medications and over the counter pain relievers.


2. Procurement of critically needed orthopedic operative equipment to supply hospitals in Ukraine. Four Corners works with surgeons in Ukraine to identify and procure high-grade surgical equipment for use in hospitals serving injured Ukrainians. Past shipments have included surgical lights, bone drills, and external fixators for setting limbs. 


3. Providing immigration support for displaced Ukrainians. In 2021, Tatiana and several graduate students at the University of Utah traveled to eastern Poland and helped families obtain visas and immigrate to the United Kingdom.


4. Educational support for displaced Ukrainians. Four Corners hopes to expand to provide educational supplies, such as textbooks and technology, for law students displaced by the war. 


Four Corners looks forward to joining the GSA community. Your donation gives needed support to Ukrainians struggling to survive as war continues! A donation of $20 buys 2 months of antibiotics, $5 buys a shipping box, and $70 pays the shipping fees for one box of meds. Consider donating in any amount as everything makes a difference!

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