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Amy Colón

Amy Colón is the founder and guide of Big Story Living who helps make world travel affordable while inspiring wonder and faith as partners in the journey. At Big Story Living we “travel with one eye on the world and the other eye on Jesus.”

While in vocational ministry of some capacity for over 25 years, Amy has worked alongside her husband, Kevin, in church planting, earned her Masters in Christian Education, spent years leading teams who participated in humanitarian work in Northern Vietnam, worked on staff at various Colorado churches in peacemaking ministries, and raised four lovely daughters. All of Amy’s life story thus far has led her to the creation of her heart project and ministry, Big Story Living, which Amy likes to say is “the greatest expression of herself that she has to share with the world.”

Amy offers hopeful world travelers a new way. She teaches people the ins and outs of traveling the world for “almost free” with an intentional focus on travel as a spiritual practice, offering space and setting the table in such a way that the Spirit has room to meet each traveler in the middle of their moments exploring bucket list locations throughout Europe. Amy curates and leads journeys for women and couples, writes, speaks, creates, and shows up daily on social media to inspire @bigstoryliving. Donors help make it possible for Amy to provide resources, guidance, and inspiration to a growing number of travelers, always hoping to inspire them in their own big story.

Amy and her husband, Kevin, live in Superior, Colorado. They have four daughters, Emma, Claire, Olivia, and Hanh.

Amy Colón
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