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Christian Harbin

Visual Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Minister, Mental Health Advocate

Born and raised in Mobile, AL, my journey with visual art began at the tender age of 6. Growing up immersed in the church, it was at age 11 that my faith in Jesus Christ became deeply personal, shaping my path ever since.

Throughout my teenage years, music and poetry became my primary creative outlets, while serving in various capacities within church communities. My teenage and young adult years posed various personal struggles and challenges, deeply impacting both my emotional and mental health. In 2019, seeking healing and clarity, I was led to move to NYC where I currently reside.

For 3.5 years, I worked with the homeless at The Bowery Mission in Manhattan, where my understanding of the Gospel deepened. Concurrently, I served at The Borough Church in Brooklyn, where I received powerful and restorative discipleship.

In 2022, returning to visual arts, abstraction became my medium of expression, intertwining with music as a therapeutic journey. Later that year, a solo art show at W83 (Redeemer Church) marked a pivotal moment, leading me to join Transform Creative's residency program, where mentorship and resources further honed my craft.

In 2023, I transitioned to staff at Transform, embracing the opportunity to help expand their impactful programs. Blessed and eager for what lies ahead, I'm committed to letting God's grace continue to guide my journey.

My greatest hope for the Body of Christ is to help achieve a more immersive integration of the Gospel with the Arts; its manifold forms of expression being used to convey the true gospel, to inspire salvation, to enrich culture in the Kingdom of God, and to promote sanctification. I’m so excited for what God is going to do through Transform Creative, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your prayers and generous support!

Christian Harbin
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