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Erin Layne

Erin’s calling in ministry is to help missional individuals and groups within the body of Christ grow to experience more of the Lord and of His grace, truth and love in their own personal walks with Him. She desires to help others better understand their own stories, where necessary, so that they will know Christ better, become more like Him, and be better equipped to help others come to know Him and grow up in Him.

Her heart is to use her gifts, skills and education as she provides staff/member care, leadership development, and therapy skills (MA, Counseling Ministries, Denver Seminary, 1996) to help advance the Lord’s Kingdom globally. For this reason, she is particularly passionate about helping those who are in the front lines of the ministries of evangelism and discipleship both in the U.S. and abroad.

She trusts the Lord to use her to move His people towards spiritual and relational transformation as she uses these gifts and passions. She also desires to be Spirit-led and open to seeing every avenue for ministering to and coming alongside those to whom the Lord directs her to minister. The outworking of this ministry is multi-fold and takes various forms such as providing staff care and therapy (and consultation in both), crisis care (intervention and management), discipleship, coaching, mentoring, career counseling, leadership development, conflict resolution, team building, training and teaching, and briefing and debriefing international missionaries. The avenues for this ministry are primarily working alongside parachurch organizations.

Erin remains in her primary role as a staff care consultant/associate staff member with Cru and will continue with the same responsibilities as in the past. Those include staff care for churches and church ministries, ministry groups such as Choirfire (a high school missional outreach choir), and other individuals, couples and families committed to living out the tenets of the Gospel in transformative ways around them.

Erin Layne
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