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Rich Lotterhos

Rich was commissioned as a member of the Global Service Office in 2005. Under the leadership of Jay Gary he launched Global Service Associates, as a ministry project to come alongside experienced proven leaders to help them pursue their God-given "mission." Soon after Rich was appointed by the Board of Directors to serve as the General Manager of three members. Since then Global Service Associates has grown to become a community of 95 members who are serving around the world.

Rich loves being in the presence of members, particularly in small groups that gather at our "retreats" to engage with one another about life, faith, and work. Our relationships with one another as leaders comes first. "My hope is that we share a common vision for our work, we have a few common leadership principles that we follow but we would experience an uncommon camaraderie."

Rich and his wife Brenda have lived in Superior, Colorado since 2003, a small town near Boulder, Colorado.

Rich and Brenda Cummings have been married since 1977. They have three adult children and they all live in the Boulder-Denver area of Colorado.

Click to learn more or donate to Rich's Ministry Project, Breaking Chains in Nairobi

Rich Lotterhos
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