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Restoring the Soul of the City

Today 55% of the world’s population live in urban areas and according to the UN, 68% will live in urban areas by 2050. City Focus is a ministry project of Global Service Associates to encourage our members who are serving in major cities around the world.


God is working throughout the history of each city to build a place for people to live, to work, to worship, to play, and to enjoy together the goodness of creation. Each city has a personality; an energy, a “spirit” that is shaped by its geography, natural resources, and by those who choose to live and work there. However, each city has been damaged by the sin of human beings or natural disasters. Understanding these wounds will help prioritize the efforts to bring new life to the city.

These missionary leaders are actively serving a community within the city, addressing a need that exists throughout the city, partnering with leaders who influence the whole city, and by giving leadership to ongoing city-wide movements in order to restore the soul of the city.

Scroll down to see which GSA members serve cities and to donate to city focused ministries. 

Members Who Serve Cities

To donate to a particular member, click their photo, to contribute to the work we do in Cities, scroll below. 

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