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Is the Lord leading you to do something new?

Is He calling you to something outside the box of "traditional" missionary service? 

Thank you for your interest in joining us in the great adventure of following Jesus and expanding His Kingdom. Our vision for Global Service Associates is to empower servant leaders to pursue his or her God-given mission. This is a place for men and women who have a vision stuck in their “gut” that they simply must move forward on. If you are looking for someone to tell you what to do next, this is not the organization for you. We provide a simple ministry platform and it’s up to you to serve Jesus. We desire to tap into the power of leaders unencumbered to pursue their mission, in their own way, in their time while bonded in community with other servant-leaders.

The Order of Global Servants is for Spirit-Filled followers of Jesus who are on a mission, a mission to expand the Kingdom. We commission members to plant churches in Russia, to pastor local congregations, to lead non-profits to serve the poor, to send students or faculty overseas on mission projects- the shared bond is being “on a mission.” Our mission field may be local but our scope is global. Now that we’re in the 21st century, we want to create a new kind of mission organization that is based on the first-century church model of missions. Our logo is a symbol of the dawn of a new day around the world. We will give you access to a financial system to support you in your mission, leadership connections to engage with, and a community of like-minded servants with which you can share life.

Qualifications for Prospective Members

Global Service Associates frees experienced leaders to follow their God-given vision and calling in ministry.


To join Global Service:

  • As a "commissioned" member, an applicant needs several years of experience as a proven self-directed leader in ministry.

  • As a non-commissioned member or associate, an applicant must express a desire to become a commissioned member and be willing to be mentored by a current commissioned member.


Applicants must also be willing to take on the following Global Service member commitments:


  • Submit an annual report to the leadership team

  • Agree to live by our "Rule" of life. 

  • Complete a "Sabbatical Year" every 7 years as a commissioned member


We accept applications from January through October, but want to make clear that ours is not a traditional process for “employment.” Rather, it is a discernment process for joining our missionary order. Also, although we do provide a fundraising framework for members, no members are required to raise funds.


Prospective members must follow the steps listed below and go through a referencing and evaluation process before a final decision on their acceptance can be made. If you would like to apply for membership in our order, here’s how to proceed:

1. Read through member's profiles to get an idea of how you might fit into our organization.

2. If you personally know any current GSA members, contact them to learn more about their experience with Global Service.


3. Reach out via email to to request a membership application and learn more about our application process. 


4. Submit your completed application & supporting documents. 


Questions? Email

Phone: 303.214.5331

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ext. 2 Donations

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