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Breaking Chains in Nairobi

Breaking Chains in Nairobi is a collaborative project of Kevin Townsend of Colorado, Augustine Mumia Wanyama of Nairobi, and of GSA member Rich Lotterhos. Our vision is to break the chains of poverty, illiteracy and negligence for children living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya through providing education. The value of this education will greatly increase the opportunity for these children to thrive in life and become a contributing member of Kenya’s future.


Kevin has been partnering with Augustine, the lead pastor of Hope Discovery Church in Nairobi for several years. Augustine, who also has an earned diploma in Child Psychology, started the Global Minds Education Centre in September of 2021. The main purpose of the Centre is to provide a holistic (body, mind and spirit) education for the children living in a nearby slum. The Education Centre has a faculty of 9 teachers and staff, and 200 children, ages 3 to 14 years. The Centre provides 2 meals per day, and classes for preschoolers, kindergarteners, elementary and middle school students in Kenyan grades 1-6.


The rapid growth of the Centre is a reflection of the leadership talent of Augustine and his team. It usually takes a few years or more for a new school to grow to a level of 100 students. The Centre is now recognized by the government in Kenya. The current plan for the next few years is to grow the enrollment of the school to over 350 students, and to expand instruction to include high school through graduation. In addition to the numerical growth of the school they are also hoping to purchase land on which they can have their own buildings.


We estimate the cost for one student at the Centre is currently $27 per month ($324 per year). That includes meals, facilities, teacher and staff salaries, and classroom materials. Will you join us in this vision of breaking the chains of poverty, illiteracy, and negligence?


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