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Community Transformation Fund

GSA in partnership with connects people with projects dedicated to reducing global poverty. Entrepreneurial Leadership Development (ELD) is a project dedicated to helping to alleviate poverty in developing world countries, specifically in Kenya through sustainable small business creation. Over the past year 11 small businesses have been started in Kenya through individuals and families who have received the Entrepreneurial Leadership training. Beyond this forty hour training course, ongoing business coaching, and micro-loans help to assure the success of the loan recipients. Families now have the ability to pay for their children's schooling, food, shelter, medical needs, etc. Furthermore, the goal is for them to pay back the loan in a specified time-frame so that these funds can continue to help other local entrepreneurs with their small business dreams and help the entire community rise above the debilitating effects of abject poverty. Dedicated local indigenous leadership and oversight also helps to assure that the project maintains its stated goals and vision.

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