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Building Community

A community is a group of individuals who share a common interest, location, or identity. In an ideal community, its members gain a sense of belonging and support and together they can become a positive, powerful force. But while many live in communities geographically, they don’t fully experience community relationally.  A lack of humble leadership, limited resources, isolation, injustice, conflict, and our own brokenness are among the problems that prevent a true community from happening. 

Our Global Service members are working in communities to create genuine communities. They address these issues of personal brokenness through discipleship, coaching, or counseling. They work shoulder to shoulder with others in various arenas like businesses, nonprofits, churches, and the government to bridge gaps so everyone in that geographic area can thrive. Their vision is to enable those living within their community to experience the fullness of the Kingdom of God.


Scroll down to see our GSA members who serve in communities and learn about our community-focused ministries. 

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Members Who Serve Communities

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