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Hermana is a partnership between artists affiliated with Transform Arts and Reintegra. Artists partner with Reintegra’s work on the ground to provide art healing and trauma-informed care to the women sponsored through Reintegra.


A group of dancers visit Mexico City biennially serving survivors of human trafficking with dance, movement healing, and trauma informed care.


Hermana formally began the summer of 2021 when the dancers were not able to return due to the Covid pandemic. Francesca Cipponeri gathered artists from the Bay Area to put together an art show sharing the testimonies of women in Reintegra.


A couple of artists that participated in the art show traveled to Mexico City the summer of 2023 to give the Reintegra women an art retreat to use art as a form of healing and self reflection.


Now artists are invited to join in these trips to support and care for these women as they continue to heal and reintegrate in their communities. Together, we can better serve and love the women of Reintegra as they seek restoration in their lives with regular rhythms of finding wholeness and healing.


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