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Bruce & Marla Vlieger

Bruce Vlieger – Director of Ezra

Bruce’s heart is to build long-term gospel-centered relationships to further the Kingdom with those on the edge of society - the broken, bedraggled, beat up, burnt out, bent and bruised. This population has been exiled, forgotten, and essentially kicked to the curb by society. Since 2004, Bruce has worked with street kids in Denver. The first 3 years were at Sox Place, a drop-in center for street kids downtown. In 2007, he transitioned to Open Door Ministries where he co-directed Ezra and Street2Life Printshop. During that time, Ezra hosted dinners for street kids, did outreach to people downtown, led Bible Studies, offered an art studio, and did one on one discipling. Now living in Fort Morgan, Bruce continues as the director of Ezra doing outreach and discipling street-connected individuals in Denver two days a week in person and stays connected from Fort Morgan remotely, doing Bible Studies and discipling men, many of whom he's known since 2004. He is also connected with the homeless population in Fort Morgan, building relationships through Rising Up, the local food bank/warming center.

Marla Vlieger – GED/English Teacher; Children's Ministry Director

GED/English Teacher: Twelve years in the public school system as a teacher led Marla to use her teaching skills in ministry at Restoration Outreach Programs, building an individualized one on one tutoring program for adults called Work Readiness. After 14 years there, Marla transitioned in 2021 to Fort Morgan’s local food bank and warming center, Rising Up, to provide GED and English classes. The one on one tutoring component is still the vital center of this program, allowing Marla to meet individualized educational needs while building relationships with students.

Children’s Ministry Director: Marla’s passion is to share the gospel clearly, build up children and youth in their faith, and teach them to stand for what they believe. Youth need to understand their own worldview, compare it to other worldviews, and learn how to defend their own beliefs. Marla serves the local Berean Bible Church by leading the weekly Good News Club and Youth Group, building up children and youth in their faith.

Bruce and Marla Vlieger
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