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Corey Schmitt

“Reach the Campus Today, Reach the World Tomorrow." (Dr. Bill Bright)

I strongly believe that reaching students for Christ today will impact the future of our country, our families, and our communities. The spiritual arena on college campuses has been dominated by secular influences for years, and we are beginning to mirror Europe in that, believing in Christ is becoming less of an intellectual option for students. I’m passionate about helping students answer some of their hardest and deepest spiritual questions as it relates to science, philosophy, and theology. 

I work alongside CRU (formally Campus Crusade for Christ) at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. The campus has just hit 40,000 students, 96% of which aren’t affiliated with any christian organization or church. We have maintained the title of “the number one party school in Texas” for years, changing the name of the university and dismantling the greek system hasn’t done anything to change the hearts of students. We exist to bring the Good News of Jesus within arms reach of every Bobcat. 

Additionally, I help lead various experiences that speak more to the heart of men, challenging them to trust Christ and submit to his Lordship in life. Some of these experiences are trips which seek to help men and women develop vision for how they can leave a legacy in people. Trips that teach the message of generosity, reinforce the values of family, and help participants unplug from the assaulting world we live in and plug into authentic community. 

Thank you for partnering with me, I couldn’t do this without you standing with me in the gap sharing and defending the faith. 

-Corey Schmitt

Click to learn more or donate to Corey's Ministry Project, Venture Trips.

Corey Schmitt
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