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Dan Emig

Dan has extensive life, ministry and sustainable development work in Romania, Iraq/Kurdistan, Lebanon, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Armenia, and Serbia. He and his wife, Nora, live in Monument, Colorado. They have three wonderful adult children, Jonathan, Bryan, and Eliana. Nora is a special-education teacher at a local high school. She loves and serves those kids with all her heart.

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Dan embraces the reality that Jesus, Him, His Gospel and way of life are the only way out of spiritual, relational and mental poverty, and back into the original intent and trajectory of our Father(Abba) God. Without Christ, resources go into unchanged lives. “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except by me.” John 14:6

While living into and sharing this Gospel of “in Christ”-(ness), he has helped individuals and communities transform into the freedoms of sustainable living, as they receive the responsibility to make their own locally resourced, informed decisions into their life and communities. “Via this relating sustainable principles, we are partaking in the daily miracles of changed lives for the Kingdom.”

As we expanded in the Middle East, we are serving in capacities of biblical leadership training, biblical translations, ELD-Entrepreneur Leadership Development, private/public sector education, and diplomatic dialogues for persecuted minorities. You are welcomed to come with us on any of the trips, partaking yourself, and serving in your own personal capacities. Your gifts and abilities, experiences, profession, vision, passion and heart are needful and embraced. Feel free to contact me for further information.

In May of 2021, Dan experienced a medical condition that journeyed him and Nora through much pain and loss on many levels and areas of life, and a long recovery time. It is a true miracle and healing from the LORD, that he is alive and healthy. They both acknowledge that God’s “brokenness” occurred in their lives, and all for the better of life, loving, giving, and moving forward.

With all these experiences, serving in them, he is now giving extra focus on co-discerning and co-journeying with others, in their spiritual lives in Christ, while also deploying his vast wealth of community development experience. He loves GSA’s foundation of “a community of servants in mission...”, as it frees him and many others to flourish in their ministries, living out our Christ-given giftedness and love for Him and His Kingdom in our unique personhood and calling. It continues to be a true joy and love to serve in these means, capacities and paths!

Daniel Emig
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