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Dave Jones

For more than 35 years, Dave and his wife, Gina, have been ministering with young people and their families in inner-city Denver. In recent years, Dave and Gina’s calling has been to equip, coach and encourage ministry leaders who have a heart to serve the “least of these,” as Jesus described in Matthew 25.

Dave and Gina are living out their calling of empowerment and encouragement through two initiatives. The first, Denver Leadership Initiative (DLI), has an aim of building “healthy” ministry leaders. TEAMM, the second initiative, is a guided and collaborative planning effort developed for “ministry teams” as they expand their commitment to organizational growth and development.

Both DLI and TEAMM employ a one-year commitment to work toward growth and development in an atmosphere of openness, interdependence of the body of Christ, and accountability from other leaders in the city. Through these urban ministry programs, leaders, churches and organizations are encouraged to slow down, seek the Lord’s face and review their calling, commitments and priorities in life and ministry.

Dave and Gina have lived in inner-city Denver for their entire married life and share a commitment to live life together with those they serve. They have been tremendously blessed with three sons: Nathan, Ryan and Tony.

Click to learn more or donate to Dave's Ministry Project, DLI (Denver Leadership Initiative).

Click to learn more or donate to Dave's Ministry Project, TEAMM

Dave Jones
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