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Diane Murray

Diane started her ministry career as a youth pastor’s wife in 1985. After seven very full and fulfilling years, she joined the staff of Cru in 1992, where she served for 17 years until 2009. Her ministry focus was discipling young women, hiring staff for CRU as a "sending associate" and training and directing the sending associates in a six-state region.

After getting an "HR Professional Certification" in 2010, Diane was asked to put HR processes in place for Global Service Associates. Shortly following the conclusion of this project, she began work as the donation processor for Global Service. At the time, there were 15 members for which she was processing donations.

Over the last nine years, what began as simply an administrative job has evolved into a full-time ministry that Diane is passionate about. Understanding that her spiritual gift is service, she thrives on serving Global Service's now 84 members (and counting), so that they can focus on the ministries they’ve been called to without being encumbered by the administration of donations. Diane counts it a privilege to serve members and their donors.

Diane lives in Lafayette, Colorado and is the mother of four grown children and one grandson.

Diane Murray
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