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Guido Hajenius

After working in a para-church context for close to 17 years, as well as with a local body for three years, throughout the Southwest, Guido and his wife and children relocated to west Los Angeles to live missionally, and focus on marketplace transformation. In April 2011, they started a local branch of the non-profit human rights arts and advocacy organization, iEmpathize.

iEmpathize is focused on raising awareness and ending child sex slavery, both in the U.S. and worldwide. They do this by sharing the stories of the victims and the heroes who relentlessly work to stop this atrocity. Through partnerships, forums, media, benefits and showcases with those in the workforce, on the campus, and in faith communities, this family is committed to helping resolve this issue in their lifetime.

Guido and Katie have been married for 13 years and have two sons, Julien and Tristen. Besides Guido’s heart for saving vulnerable children, Guido just loves people. Being with his family is his favorite past time and so is his love of soccer, soccer and more soccer — playing, coaching and watching.

Guido Hajenius
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