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John & Ellen Fleming

What do we do?

We provide safe spaces where people can experience hope, healing, and move toward thriving in who they really are in Christ.

How do we do this?

John's passion is for the men of all the people groups and cultures of the world to find freedom from addictions so they can thrive and create a legacy of eternal impact. He works with small confidential groups of men online and in person to heal their hearts through finding their God-given identity and immeasurable worth through a structured, well-established, grace-based approach used by therapists and recovery leaders.

Many addictions are intertwined and originate from places of trauma and attachment. He leads recovery groups for men from foreign cultures and american men of color with unwanted addictions, especially from unwanted sexual behaviors. (e.g. compulsive use of pornography and other sexual addictions).

He's passionate about crossing cultures and creating spaces of healing where everyone has "a seat at the table". He is currently/regularly leading and mentoring men from parts of Africa as well as men all over the United States. Technology is a beautiful thing when it connects in these ways! John also mentors men with similar passions for crossing cultures doing similar work.

Ellen's passion is connected to what we call story work. While the trauma and attachment is also touched on.. this is slightly different in that she is helping others tell their truth while unpacking and healing in spaces that are intentionally created in community with others. In short, it's a beautiful mess and closely follows the work of Dan Allender. People heal when they are felt and seen and this is the primary function of these spaces. She has served as a life coach for a few years and has training in Allender story work as well as professional life coaching training.

Together we believe we make a beautifully messy team and currently reside in New Smyrna Beach Florida with our family.

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John and Ellen Fleming
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