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Joshua Knight

Joshua and his wife, Rachel, serve those who work on Water, Disaster Response, and Power projects. They began their mission work in 2004, when they and their first child, Mary, 9 months old, went to Cameroon in western-central Africa to serve with Lay Mission Helpers. Joshua worked on water supply while Rachel taught English at the local high school. Their mission lasted three years, and in that time Joshua’s heart had changed. Before, he had worked in Environmental Engineering in the US, cleaning up toxic spills for the Air Force and Environmental Protection Agency. After the mission, he could not go back to environmental cleanups. He has been serving as a servant missionary in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), and disasters in the Majority World ever since. Joshua has worked with the Engineers Without Borders, and Global Hope Network International, and is now honored to be walking alongside the experienced, driven missionaries at Global Service Associates. Joshua and Rachel are living in Denver, Colorado, and have four growing children from middle school to college, Mary, Grace, John, and Sonya.

Joshua leads a ministry that has the technical expertise to ensure that development projects are done sustainably, appropriately, and with the heart of Christ. He brings the love of Christ while providing long-lasting engineering to those who need it in the U.S. and abroad.

Joshua and his fellow volunteers are ethically grounded, have a service mentality, take a collaborative multidisciplinary approach, are self-starters who appreciate experience, are global in thinking, have cultural dexterity, and are good team players. Our ministry is specifically designed to address the needs of humanitarian development with Jesus’ heart. 

Does this describe you? Come join us in bringing the love of Christ to those most in need!

Contact Joshua at, or +1 (303) 919-2872

Joshua Knight
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