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Marie Liu

As an immigrant child coming from an a-religious background, Marie was fascinated by the Big Bang theory, evolution and other human endeavors. She went to graduate school wanting to become a part of the "evolution conversation." It was at the height of her academic success and the promises of fame and fortune that a PhD degree in Synthetic Organic Chemistry could bring that she found herself feeling baffled and dismayed by the seeming futility of one’s existence.

“How were we human differed from the beasts in the field, unless there would be greater purpose than to just exist and die?” She was mired in the pit of depression when Jesus broke through and lifted her out. Meeting Him in graduate school changed the entire course and outlook of her life. She found the one true treasure that no degree could afford.

Since early in her walk she has wanted to serve the Lord full-time, but it would be two successful careers later before He would guide her to serve Him full-time. God made Marie fruitful, first in aerospace R&D, and then in personal financial planning working as a CFP practitioner, while she waited for His call. Meanwhile, she was blessed with opportunities serving Him in lay ministries at local churches. These gave her exposure to ministries with Chinese believers, many of them with backgrounds like hers, as well as at a megachurch called Evangelical Free Fullerton. Though she had been involved in various aspects in lay ministries, her heart was always inclined toward mission outreach, discipleship and spiritual development.

Marie served with Bridges International (the international student outreach ministry under Cru) from 2016-May 2019. Since that time, through GSA, Marie was able to focus on reaching and serving graduate students and visiting scholars from the Far East at UC Irvine.  In the fall of 2023, God directed her to relocate to Ann Arbor, Michigan to reach international graduate students from abroad.  She looks forward to opening her home as a safe place for international students to gather for friendship, learning and growing together.

Marie Liu
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