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Mark & Sam Mielbrecht

For the past 26 years Mark and Samantha Mielbrecht have been involved in full-time ministry first with Campus Crusade for Christ resourcing and developing student leaders around the Northwest, and then with Breakthrough Partners working with ministry leaders in Africa before joining GSA in 2014. They are passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom advance while working with indigenous leaders of communities that are among the “poorest of the poor” on the planet.

Mark and Sam believe the systemic issues that face the developing world (poverty, famine, rampant disease, ideological conflict, etc.) can only be fully addressed through an “inside-out” process that brings collaborate leaders from different sectors of society to work together for real transformative change. They have found that to the extent that these leaders own these systemic problems, they are motivated to create their own solutions.

To this end, Mark coaches, encourages, and trains international leaders whom he has been working with through his network of relationships developed over the past 26 years. Using a collaborative, holistic, and sustainable model of ministry he has witnessed God empowering these church and community leaders toward a fuller expression of the Gospel. This has brought exponential outreach, economic growth and transformation to these communities.

In the next three to five years, as they continue to partner with other ministry leaders, Mark would love to see participants in the ELD (Entrepreneurial Leadership Development) training become business owners who are willing to train others in these same principles. And to draw from a deep well of personal experience, faith, hope, love and compassion. Where entire communities of people are growing in God’s grace, dignity and resolve. Where the international church isn’t spending significant time searching for financial partners from the West. But instead is focusing on engaging and training their members and communities at large in ways that puts food on their tables, educates their children, provides for their own healthcare, and provides the resources for outreach, church growth, and discipleship and whatever else the local church dreams of doing in their own sphere of influence for the betterment of their own communities. Change implemented from the inside out has a far greater opportunity for sustainability than change brought through outside influences and agendas. Mark wants to continue to be a cheerleader for change as it is dreamed and created by the members of the local community for the benefit of their own people and the world beyond.

Furthermore, Mark works with international students primarily at Everett Community College. These students need a community of friends and a support network as they navigate an often lonely and sometimes challenging new life far from home. As these students come to faith in Christ and return to their country of origin, they hope to connect them with their network of indigenous ministry leaders so they’ll have a church home and can use their newly developed skills and education for Kingdom purposes within their communities.

Sam continues to pour into the lives of women. Her heart and giftedness make life-on-life discipleship a natural outpouring of who she is. Sam is a lifelong learner and invests time into ongoing training and seminary classes. Her desire is to see women come to know the God who created them, to grow comfortable with who God has made them to be, and that they will live fully the life He has for them. In addition, Sam has started a little side business using the principles we teach in ELD and she hopes to join our teaching team in the next few years. Mark and Sam reside on a small family farm in Washington State with their three kids, two dogs, huge rabbit, two cats, nine chickens, and eighteen goats.

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Mark and Samantha Mielbrecht
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