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Mark O'Brien

For the past 20 years, Mark has served in the Denver Metro Area as an intercessor, mentor, street minister and outreach worker. He currently shepherds Boulevard of Hope (BOH), a direct street outreach to people on the margins. Through BOH, Mark serves on ministry teams that host weekly chapel, bible study and homeless outreach, and supports people dealing with homelessness, addiction, mental health issues, and poverty. He is currently working with ministry partners on the formation of small local congregations. For many years, Mark has distributed winter gear and "LifePacks" --- backpacks with 27 essential items --- to people on the streets.

Mark has a special heart for ‘at-risk’ youth and adults, he has helped develop team mentoring programs for residential treatment centers, group homes and youth detention facilities, and has provided transition and re-entry support to veterans and people coming out of prison. He's also in the process of developing an outreach to the marketplace and business community.

Click to learn more or donate to Mark's Ministry Project Boulevard of Hope.

Mark O'Brien
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