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Matthew and Lindsey Melendrez

After over ten years of doing cross-cultural ministry locally, nationally, and globally, we never expected our journey would lead us to explore a beautifully unique world in our own home: the world of disability. 

In 2022, our son was diagnosed with Autism and a rare genetic disorder, and it felt like everything in all of our lives shifted overnight. That first year was incredibly overwhelming for us as parents. There were so many professional voices speaking with great confidence about what our son needed and about what we should or should not do, and these voices often were in conflict with one another. We spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars sifting through information and trying to quickly learn. While there was a steep learning curve, we felt fortunate to both have an educational background in clinical mental health that gave us insight in helping our son reach his full potential. While this early journey led us to various therapies, it also led us on a journey of understanding our son and his world from a spiritual standpoint. We believe that God created our son perfectly and intentionally, and we fully believe our son and others like him reflect the image of God in beautiful ways. We cannot imagine a world without Autism and have wholeheartedly embraced a new life that is filled with adventure, peaks and valleys, laughter, tears, and gratitude. 

As we think about our ministry in this new chapter of life, we are certain of one thing: we want to help support other families with differently-abled children who are navigating a similar path. Our hope is to help parents of differently-abled children navigate this journey, as it can be incredibly overwhelming, lonely, and costly. Our hope is to help with everything from beginning the journey of pursuing a diagnosis, connecting with the right therapies for your child, accessing state and local resources, and advocating to help meet your child’s ongoing needs. In addition, we feel passionate about helping couples strengthen their relationships despite the added challenges they may encounter, and want to provide extra support for single parents/caregivers who may not have the support systems they need to thrive.

We hope to utilize our lived experience, education, and clinical expertise to support families navigating disability to move from surviving to thriving. We believe God has taken us on our specific journey, that there is so much joy to be found here, and that we are called to support others in similar circumstances at no cost to them. Would you consider joining our team and giving towards our ministry so we can help families find beauty and joy in their own stories?

Matthew and Lindsey Melendrez
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