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Naomi Plate

Naomi Plate has both a B.S. in Education and a Registered Nursing degree. She has extensive experience in community and individual development. She served the rural poor in Mississippi and then the urban poor in Washington, D.C. for 10 years. During those years she discovered a heartfelt love for the people she served and found her passion to be holistic health education – simple teaching on the importance of taking responsibility for our own health physically and emotionally to reach our full potential. Presently she is continuing that ministry within the Latino culture in Longmont, Colo.

In 2012, Naomi founded Compassion Beyond Ourselves (CBO). CBO is a “Giving Circle” of women and men who are extending “compassion beyond ourselves” by fostering self-sufficiency and well-being in the lives of women and children in the areas of education, health, nutrition, environmental awareness and income generation. CBO does this both locally and globally by giving annual monetary grants and promoting ongoing volunteer efforts.

Naomi has raised three children who have given her five grandchildren. They complete the other part of her life!

Naomi Plate
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