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Randy & Cheryl Lee

For over 30 years, Randy and Cheryl Lee have been helping Christian professors recognize that academia is their mission field. The Lees encourage and equip them so that they can be agents of grace to their students and colleagues.

Individual visits - Randy and Cheryl meet with professors to affirm them, help them process their journey, and pray for them. Sometimes a group of professors forms on a campus, providing community and encouragement.

Outreach Events - Christian professors often want to share their faith with non-believers, and these lunches and dinners give them an appropriate way to invite their colleagues to a non-threatening discussion. Often, the featured speakers share their spiritual journey, showing that one can be a Christian and an intellectual. Many of the guests come from non-Christian countries or cultures.

Annual Winds of Change event - Christian professors meet other professors from different campuses. They share stories of reaching out to their students and colleagues.

Randy & Cheryl's Ministry Projects:

Click to learn more or donate to Faculty Bridges.

Click to learn more or donate to Roundtable Dinners.

Randy and Cheryl Lee
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