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Sharon Fong

Sharon and her husband Shou Mo have worked in the business arena, as well as in humanitarian and nonprofit work throughout their professional careers. They are mobilizers who encourage, equip, and exhort others to work together. They have decades of experience working with a variety of people in unusual circumstances and environments. From disaster relief and humanitarian aid to city-reaching endeavors and ministry launches, Sharon and Shou prayerfully engage individuals and teams to serve together for the Lord’s glory.

ABOUT SHARON • Sharon often comes alongside businesses, nonprofits, and churches to help them improve communication systems and launch new products, services, and ideas. Her specialty is focusing on developing strategies and improving communication systems. Her passion is helping people communicate effectively to grow their audience and move people into action. Sharon is a network weaver, who is interested in connecting and fostering collaborative engagement. She has been instrumental in launching new regional business and faith collaborative networks in Southern California and Portland, OR in conjunction with faith, nonprofits and government programs. She is an approachable, humble, and winsome trainer of seasoned professionals and mentor to young leaders.

ABOUT SHOU • Shou has often been characterized as a true Renaissance man and rogue scholar. His motto is “Have fun and learn lots.” He enjoys meeting people and working with his hands. His skills in supervising and leading operational, logistical, and fundraising efforts have launched new programs, engaged people in various causes, and expanded a variety of nonprofit and for-profit programs. From Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, and numerous churches and humanitarian relief organizations to aiding countless individuals and families who are struggling with challenging circumstances, Shou is as comfortable with working behind-the-scenes communicating with individuals, couples and teams as he is in front of the camera or before a large crowd.

Join in the work that the Lord has given Sharon and Shou to embrace. Prayerfully consider partnering with them.

Sharon Fong
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