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Skyler and Jacob Fisk

Jacob and Skyler Fisk are Colorado natives that now reside in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Jake, with mission-minded parents, grew up in Cambodia for 8 years and had always wanted to move back home. Skyler's first time in Cambodia was in 2016 for a mission trip. Ever since then, she felt a call to move to Cambodia but was waiting on the Lord's timing. When Jake and Skyler got married in January of 2022, it was only authored by God that they were meant to be together and serve in Cambodia together as one. Jake and Skyler have been in Cambodia since January of 2023. They are both passionate about helping others, serving others, and bringing the Good News of the Gospel everywhere they go. They believe that they are not extraordinary people; however, they are ordinary people living in a new place but doing the same things they would anywhere else--loving God and loving others.

Skyler serves as a fourth-grade teacher at Asian Hope International School. Her focus ministry is helping students grow in their understanding academically, but more importantly, spiritually. She is passionate about reaching a younger generation that has the opportunity to change the world for Christ. She is passionate about the health of the Church as well as other believers. As she serves as a teacher, she is also encouraging her colleagues and finding ways to serve them as well. She desires to find other ways to be involved in ministry opportunities and trusts the Lord to open doors in this way.

Jacob has the vision to start a craft brewery business in Phnom Penh come January 2024. He feels called to start a ministry that is unconventional yet powerful and Spirit-led. He believes in the importance of reaching a community that may never walk into a Church but will walk into a brewery. He is passionate about creating products that people enjoy while also allowing the Holy Spirit to create an atmosphere that brings people back and provokes them to wonder, "is there more?" As of right now, Jacob has been networking with other companies and breweries in Phnom Penh regarding where to find materials. God has opened many doors for him to connect with others and build relationships that will help them launch the brewery. They hope to host worship nights and Bible studies each week to allow others to dive deeper into a relationship with God. Jake is also involved in meeting with men throughout the week to encourage them in their faith and walk with God.

Jacob and Skyler, together, are passionate about leading others toward Christ and plan to start a co-ed Bible study with friends and family. As they transition to an entirely new everything in Cambodia, they are trusting God with His plans for their life here.

Thank you for supporting them, praying for them, and believing in what God has called them to do in Cambodia.

Skyler and Jacob Fisk
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