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Steve Van Diest

I co-founded, grew, and transitioned a successful set of mattress retail stores in Denver, CO back to the franchisor. I Co-founded and lead V&R Naturals a B2B all natural pillow company and EverPillow by Infinitemoon an e-commerce sleep product company. I'm passionate about leadership and businesses that impact their community and do social good. From experience I also understand the issues of an owner/CEO. I'm an entrepreneur who likes to empower others to grow their business, become more efficient in all they do and enrich their story line.

WHO WE WORK WITH Acumen is designed for CEOs and Owners who want to sharpen their edge and grow their companies. It’s a Platform For Growth: You. Your Company. Your Equity. Your Profit. Your Culture. Your People. Your Leadership. Your Impact. If where you’re at today isn’t good enough, and you thrive when pushed to new heights, then Acumen could be a fit for you.

WHAT OTHERS SAY “The Acumen community has been an invaluable resource for me personally and the key leaders of our firm. The DNA of what makes Acumen unique can be found throughout our organization and leadership approach. The unique combination of competence and confidentiality with a group of high-performing peers is a catalyst for greater leadership effectiveness.” Case Dorman, owner of Jack Stack Barbecue

Visit to determine if you are qualified for membership or apply to become a growth catalyst and help other business owners.

Steve and his wife Christina live in South Denver, CO with their fourth son, while their daughter is at school in Phoenix and their two older boys are married and living in the Denver metro area.

Steve Van Diest
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