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Rest & Renewal

The first Rest and Renewal retreat took place in 1996 with 35 women gathering at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA for an afternoon of worship, teaching and fellowship. In the years following the retreat has expanded to a full weekend format. We have visited various awesome locations in Southern California--Catalina Island, Forest Home Ojai, Forest Home Forest Falls, Arrowbear, Salvation Army Camp Malibu.... Though our locations have changed through the years, the constant has been the purpose of the weekend.


Over the past few years we have added a second and third retreat in the northwest and on the east coast. 


We are a group of women who enjoy active lifestyles and want to grow spiritually. These weekends are designed to be a time of fun, but also a time of rest and an opportunity for spiritual renewal. This is life-on-life community. We study the Bible together and sing. We hike and play volleyball or basketball or paddle board. We play and laugh, and we enjoy time set aside for solitude and quiet. It's a mixture that is hard to really needs to be experienced! 


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