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San Diego Leadership Forum

San Diego Leadership Forum exists as a local nonprofit entity, whose goal is to empower men who are placed in positions of leadership in San Diego, CA and network them in small, highly confidential, invitation-only forums of their peers. The desire is to create a safe place to experience deep, authentic relationships among like minded influencers - a personal board of directors, as it were, to be encouraged by a personal Chaplain - Matthew Booker, and to help leaders engage their passions in order to have an eternal impact.


San Diego Leadership Forum seeks to support the top influencers of San Diego as they wrestle with the leadership challenges in the context of using their God-given platform to change the face of San Diego. 


We are calling leaders throughout San Diego into a journey to:

Encourage peers

Be increasingly equipped as a servant leader

Engage their passions

Execute change in the city and county of San Diego


Visit us at:

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