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The Urban Project

The Urban Project International is a leadership development project engaging matters of race, power, culture, and ethnicity for a biblical framework.

Our primary target audience is the athletic influencer. However, one need not be a competitive athlete to participate.

Marrying philosophy with vital life experiences we create a unique leadership incubator designed to engage, equip, and empower this generation's young leaders with scriptural imperatives. These imperatives provide the framework to serve alongside global and domestic communities (who are under- resourced) from a Luke 4: 14-21 platform and perspective: which directly speaks to Jesus' Ministry on earth.

Who: primarily college student athletes

What: under resourced communities of LA
Biblical principles to engage matters of race/power/culture/ethnicity

Where: Los Angeles/near the campus of the University of Southern California

Why: The need is great for trained/developed/empowered athletic influencers and other young leaders to meet the challenges in under- served/underrepresented communities who need resource care, and support - to see the Hand of Jesus and to Hear the Voice of Jesus

When: Students: June 15 - June 29, 2024 

How: Two weeks of training and development engaging matters of race/power/culture/ethnicity

Cost: $2,000. For more details, please see our  FAQ  page

The 2024 Urban Project - Los Angeles takes place from Saturday, June 15th through Saturday, June 29th, in Los Angeles, CA, near the campus of the University of Southern California. 

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