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Michael Sylvester

Michael, and his wife Dee, serve both domestically and internationally: Los Angeles, Brazil, Canada, and South Africa. They provide spiritual resources for the athletic community at the University of Southern California and the urban core of Los Angeles for the past 28 years.

In this time, they have developed The Lentium Group - providing training & development in the areas of cultural proficiency & adaptability for the sacred and public sphere…a 3-5 day intensive; a large (100+) and small (as few as 3) group engagement platform; an individual consultancy; a think-tank/research center that seeks to influence the way leaders inside and outside the Church see, understand, and act in our ethnically and culturally diverse world.

In addition, they have led The Urban Project – International in the US and started the Projeto Comunidade (Brazil), which provides a biblical, global and domestic engagement regarding matters of race, power, culture, and ethnicity; employing learning models and strategies blending community development with personal growth and development

Michael and Dee have 4 sons, Duron (wife, Kaelie), Devin (wife, Raianna), Darian (wife, Kate), and Deon (16), and a growing host of beautiful, Blessed grandchildren.

Click to learn more or donate to Michael's Ministry Project, The Lentium Group.

Click to learn more or donate to Michael's Ministry Project, The Urban Project International.

Michael Sylvester
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